8 июля 2017 года, 23:00


Гастробар "Треска", Голицын-лофт

При участие экс-танцовщицы труппы Вима Вандекейбуса Лауры Арис.

Эмоциональная рефлексия о естественном сожалении по поводу сломанных вещей. Одним утром, когда части пазла не подходят друг другу так, как когда-то подходили. Физическое путешествие в настоящее для того, чтобы понять, что прошлое не вернуть. «Хрупкое равновесие, в котором пара слов, жестов, объятие, перемещение, несчастный случай или случайное стечение обстоятельств, когда простой шёпот может склонить чашу весов. Иногда наши ориентиры исчезают, и у нас остаются только характер и инстинкт”.

Идея, хореография и исполнение: Лаура Арис, Альваро Эстебан;

Режиссер фильма: Виталий Ким;

Музыка и звукорежиссура: Роджер Марин; 

Съемки и монтаж: KIM.VIDEO сompany;

Продакшн: Dance Academy Russia

При поддержке: Посольства Испании в Москве, Art Area, Леннаучфильм, пространства Ткачи

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Адрес: Гастробар «Треска», “Голицын Лофт”, Набережная реки Фонтанки 20


Cualquier Mañana

Concept, choreography and performance by Laura Aris & Аlvaro Esteban (under the framework of The Anatomy of Broken Things)

Film director — Vitaliy Kim

Music and sound design — Roger Marin

Vocals — Manuela Kant

Drums — Ricard Monne

Costumes arrangements — Heidi Ehrhart

Production by Dance Academy Russia


In collaboration with — Art Area, Kinostudia Lennauchfilm & Tkachi

With the support of Embassy of Spain in the Russian Federation / Embajada de España en MoscU — Federacion de Rusia


In delicate balance – when a couple of words, a gesture, a snap, a shift, a casualty or coincidence, when a simple whisper can tip the scales.Sometimes our reference points disappear, leaving only guts, the visceral. An intimate duet. A reflection on the natural sorrow related to broken things. Any other morning in which the pieces of the puzzle won't come together as they once did. A physical voyage to the present so we can realize that the past will not come back.


Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer and international teacher. Her performing experience includes a decade as a formal member of the renowned Belgium dance company Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez. Previously in Barcelona, she was part of Lanònima Imperial Dance Company and also associated with General Electrica collective, participating in the creation and tour of various productions by Tomás Aragay.

For the past seven years she has been working as independent artist, developing her own creative practices. Laura has a strong interest in developing ongoing dialogues with contemporary dance, other artistic disciplines, and one’s relationship to spectators.


Álvaro Esteban. After years of working under the baton of different choreographers, companies and several choreographers, Álvaro begins to discover his personal movement supported by self-awareness techniques and meditation, giving emphasis to the development of awareness, all physical, emotional and energetic sense. Today, beside of been still part of the companies Cia. Daniel Abreu (ES) and CocoonDance (DE), he is looking forwards to new projects, following a work line that influences different configurations of the body, in it is absent - present , leading him into collaborations with other artists.

Álvaro co-created "Cuadra-T ” together with Natxo Montero, Finalist at the Choreographic Competition of Madrid 2008. Also co-created "Entomo" together with Elias Aguirre, a multi - awarded piece still on tour and with more than 100 performances worldwide.


Vitaly Kim is a director, choreographer and film-maker from St.Petersburg. He is the head of STAGE DFT Company (DANCE FILM THEATRE), the main goal of which is the creation of dance films and performances, and moreover the promotion of dance film as a unique genre of art in Russia.